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CGI Design Windows POS Application

• Supper fast operation using short key like F1, F2, F3, F7
• Collect client signature and print it on the receipt and other documents
 • Read directly from Driver licence, Passports and other government ids
• Scan client name against international terrorist and criminal (automatically updated every day)
• Identify risks and set client status to proper risk category
• Build customized reports to meet your requirement
• We customise the system to meet your country regulatory reports


This application designed and developed for fast and easy buy and sell currency by tellers.

The best feature of this window is that tellers do not need mouse to conduct a transaction and they can use short cut keys like F1 for buy and F2 for Sell.

Short Keys

·         F1: use this key to buy foreign currency. (you receive foreign currency from client)

·         F2: use this key to sell foreign currency. (You pay foreign currency to client)

·         F3: this is the same as F2 but instead of first entering the foreign amount, you first enter base amount: for example client says I need USD for 1,000 CAD ( client pays 1,000CAD)

Steps to buy:

1-      Push F1 button on your keyword.

2-      Use Tab button to move to the next field (Select Product)

3-      Key in Currency symbol you are buying from client for example GBP

4-      Use tab to move to the next field (Amount)

5-      Enter amount you are buying. As you enter the amount, the total in base currency calculated based on set rate by admin. Depending on teller configuration teller can update the rate and recalculate.

6-      At this point you can push F9 button to save and print transaction receipt. When pressing F9 a new small window will open and this point you will have a few options.


n  Press F9 again to save and print the receipt

n  Press F8 to save but not print the receipt

n  Press F1 to close the window without saving

n  The method of payment is a drop down and its always set to Cash but teller can select other method of payment from dropdown menu by press F4 while the dropdown  is selected.

Attach client info to transaction:

Depending on the country and regulation, you way require collecting client information for the transaction you are adding to the system.

n  Transaction limit exceeds the Walk In client role

n  Suspicious client for criminal activity

n  You may notice client name listed in Suspended list. Note: system will notify teller if client name matches a name in suspended list. For every scenario, teller training by administrator is requiring.



Short Keys


n  F7: this short key clears the client form and sets the courser on the Client System ID text box.

Client system ID is a unique ID generated by system and it never changes. When courser is on this textbox, you can enter client ID to bring up client info that was already registered in the system. If it’s a new client just continue with adding client information.


To lookup client ID

Sometime client comes to do transaction but they do not know their own client ID or they forgot it.

Teller can lookup client id by

1-      Press F7 to move the courser to first filed (client system ID) on client form

2-      Use tab to move the courser to the last name text box

3-      Press F4 button on keyboard to open up client search window.

4-      In the last name textbox enter client last name. As you are typing, the result shows the possible matches in the system.  You can use the combination of last and first name

5-      Double click on the client or use the “Tab button on keyboard to move the courser to the list and “Arrows” to select the client

6-      Once the client is highlighted press “Enter” on keyboard


Teller can close the cash when the shift is over and transfer the balance to another teller

1-      From top menu Reports->Close the cahs

2-      Enter manager name

3-      Select Yes … and select teller username

4-      Click on Close the cash button


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